Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadows! Palette and Swatches

Sephora has decided to step up their game and revamp their single eyeshadows!! I don't know if you all remember their old formula (YIKES) but this was a much needed change in their collection. Being that these shadows have typically retailed for around $13, about the same as single MAC shadows, their performance was far behind. Sephora has really stepped it up in the last year with their collection in general, from their new professional brushes and even their skincare, so we were all really excited (and a little skeptical) about the new shadows. 

I had a chance to play with some of them before we even received them at my location and i was pleasantly surprised. Now that we have the full line I'm constantly using these on clients and now even myself! I'm truly impressed! While there are still a couple flops (major glitter fallout, a couple sad matte shadows, etc) the majority of the colors and formulas are pleasing. 

These shadows still come in little sleek black pots but can now be removed and depotted into shiny black palettes, similar to their competitors, making this line much more convenient for makeup artists, those who travel, or who like to consolidate their at home collections. There are 3 Pan and 6 pan palettes, both equipped with a nice sized mirror and a little magnetized key to ease removal of shadows. As a bonus, with the purchase of 2 shadows, you will receive the 3 pan palette for free, as well as the 6 pan palette for free with the purchase of 4 or more! The only qualm i have with the packaging of the palettes is how quick they are to show fingerprints.

Sephora's new shadows now come in 4 different formulas and finishes. Matte, Mirror, Shine, and Glitter! Mirror being my absolute favorite, having an almost minx like shine! According to, these shadows have special micronized pigments and an "Eye Last Complex" which will hold up wear of up to 10hrs. I myself have not used these on my eyes to attest to that but i will do a post soon with a look! Below are finger swatches of the colors i currently have. These show the initial payoff of the shadow at their utmost shine and shimmer.

From Left to Right, Diamonds are Forever (Shimmer), Ballet Shoes (Mirror), & Queen For a Day (Mirror)

Photos below are taken in daylight with no flash. These are with zero eye primer and one swipe onto the hand.

These photos are taken again in daylight with no flash and at different angles. These are on Urban Decay Primer Potion. You can see the primer really steps up the sheen these give off.

I hope this gave you a little insight to these new beauties and again, as soon as i am able to do a look with them, i will do a separate post on application and wear!!

Stay FabuLette! XO


  1. The colours are so lovely. I especially like the middle colour. I wish we could get sephora in the UK xx

  2. Gorgeous!! The pigmentation, in the first picture especially, is insane! xx

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  4. Ok, I think I'm becomin*little* OBSESSED with "Queen for a Day"! It looks freakin' gorgeous! I'm hoping that it is just as amazing in person as it is swatched on your hand. I'm excited to see a tutorial with them and to see how they really look and blend on the skin.

    Oh and BTW, I deleted my post above because Google had some weird shizz on my profile. Silly Google, making decisions for me! Lol!